Volunteers are vital to the work of the Cancer Society in supporting both the organization and the people affected by cancer. Volunteers add value, enabling Society to carry out its different activities and provide services far beyond those our budget would allow. Volunteers are the most important and highly valued resource, respected by the Cancer Society and the community they serve.
Their contribution includes patient and family support fundraising for cancer education anti-tobacco campaign prevention and early detection
rehabilitation and palliative care Cancer screening Programs And National cancer awareness Volunteers are the links in the community chain of care.

We take care to make sure that volunteers’ placement and tasks are of real benefit to the community as well as a rewarding experience for the volunteer. Your interests and skills are considered when finding a role for you. We provide training and support and you have the opportunity to learn new skills, gain experience, make new friends and just have fun. The CSN always welcome more volunteers and their interest in serving people.

If you like to join CSN as a volunteer click here to contact us.