Preventative Programs

Cancer Society Nepal has been educating the general Nepalese people about the early signs and symptoms of cancers with the advice to come to the doctor for the diagnosis and treatment at the slightest doubt.

Recently Cancer Society Nepal has been conducting school based cancer education programme in different schools of Kathmandu valley in order to prevent cancer risks by changing the habits of community people making school children aware about cancer and its risks. The programme also focuses the school children to enjoy healthy habits in their home.

CSN has been promoting School Health Club for Cancer Education and Research in different Schools of Kathmandu Valley and has planned to extend this programme outside the Kathmandu Valley soon. It is the best way to mobilize school children for Cancer Education, awareness Campaigns and celebration of World Cancer Day and other events throughout the year. School children will be more responsible and aware about Cancer and will start to entertain healthy habits. This programme will be helpful and result oriented to decrease the rate of Cancer in future.